Here you will find a wide range of healthy extra quality pulses and grains that were proudly produced at our plant by our stuff. Welcome to Yasynov Pulses!

All Grain Export in one place

Full Production Cycle

Our business is:

  • Growing of Grains
  • Grain processing and milling
  • Grain cleaning and drying
  • Export of Grain and Pulses
  • Grain and Pulses traiding
  • Packaging in 25/50kg bags, big bags, bulk in container
  • Responsible storage of Grain
  • Processing of feed Grain
  • Shipping container or bulk freight from Novorossiysk, Azov ports

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About Us

Starting a Plant

Starting a grain traiding

The Building a Pulses Plant

The factory was established in the year 1997 and specializes in production of processing of high quality groats from grain and pulses crops which are produced in Russia

Building of a grain warehouse 

Building of a 20 000 square warehouse space for the storage of grain

Starting of a new production line

launch of the second line of lentil and millet production on the new Turkish equipment with a capacity of 60 tons per hour

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Red split Lentils

Yellow split peas polished

Highest Quality Standard

Our customers are brands that are well known to Russian and international consumers

The production completely qualifies sanitary standards and state standard specifications of the Russian federation and also international standards.
Yashynovy Pulses processing and milling plant provides a range of services like processing of customers supplied raw material – chickpeas peas lentils.

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Aditya Rudra

Aditya Rudra

Chief of Export Department
Mikhail Popov

Mikhail Popov

Sales Director
Mr. Alexandr Yasynov

Mr. Alexandr Yasynov

A Business Owner
Mr. Turan

Mr. Turan

Director for Production
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