Our services
As one of the leading companies in the industry, we offer the following range of services:

Cleaning and packaging of grains and legumes

We pack in bags of 15/25/50/1000 kg, in big bags, grain carriers, or in bulk in containers.

Our products achieve a high degree of purity through three stages of purification: pre-, primary and secondary.

Cleaning performance varies from 8 to 25 tons per hour, and packaging — from 10 to 15 tons per hour.

We reduce the cost by reducing transportation costs and the absence of storage costs during transshipment.

The bagged product loaded into the transport is easier to transport, and taking into account the number of bags removes the risk of underweight.

We can also provide high quality and low cost seed when ordering a seed preparation service.

Processing grain into cereals

We clean mechanically and with a color separator from inorganic and blizzard impurities using modern Western equipment, and also calibrate using modern machines.

We strive to introduce the most advanced technologies for the careful processing of grains and legumes in order to preserve all the natural benefits of the products as much as possible.

Storage of finished products

We store in specialized premises in accordance with all modern industry requirements.

In our modern storage facilities, products are provided with all the necessary storage conditions and all sanitary conditions are observed.

Packaging of cereals in bags of the customer

We pack in bags of 15/25/50/1000 kg with your logo or tag, in big bags, grain trucks, or in bulk in containers.

You can order packaging from us in bags branded with your logo or branding, both in Russian, and in English, or Arabic.